Autumn Blaze Maple – Tree Growth Record

Autumn Blaze Maple August 2013

Autumn Blaze Maple
Planted August 2013
9 ft tall (front yard)

We planted this autumn blaze maple in August 2013. Autumn blaze maples are one of the fastest growing maples available. It was produced as a hybrid of the silver maple and the red maple and retains several of each of the parents trees good qualities. From the silver maple it gets its fast growth rate and adaptability, and from the red maple it gets it’s beautiful fall color and it’s harder stronger wood. The stronger wood means there is less breakage in rough wind than with the silver maples. The leaves of the autumn blaze maple are medium green with red veins running through them. In the fall the leaves turn a beautiful bright orange-red color and remain on the tree longer than most other deciduous trees. The autumn blaze maple grows to be 50-60 ft tall and 30-40 ft wide.

Autumn Blaze Maple May 2016

Autumn Blaze Maple May 2016

May 9, 2015 Autumn Blaze Maple 10 ft

May 9, 2015
Autumn Blaze Maple 10 ft