Creating a New Space

There is a room upstairs that is approximately 5’x7′. It used to be an open air balcony that the previous owner had enclosed. The room is too small for a bedroom and has too many windows to make it a closet. It is a small space with a lot of natural light, just perfect for a small home office.

Office before 1Office before 2Office Before 3








The floor was a flat roofing material that was very flexible, so first we needed to lay some plywood to give the floor rigidity. Next we gave the walls and trim a fresh coat of paint. As you can see from the pictures, the walls are covered with the same aluminum siding that is on the rest of the outside of the house. When the painting was finished, we installed peel and stick tiles for the floor and a baseboard around the perimeter. Then we added a new overhead lamp since there was no lighting in this room, and we installed white window blinds to help control the morning and afternoon sun. Finally we finished off the room with a small desk painted a crisp white, a bookshelf also painted a crisp white, and an accent chair that can be pulled over to the desk for use.

Office after 1 office after 2 office after 3

office 5