A Gaggle of Geese-Ordered

We finally got our geese ordered today! We ended up going with Plum Run Poultry/Heritage Turkey Hatchery because after days of searching, they were one of the few hatcheries who still had their Pilgrim geese available. Most other hatcheries have either sold out early or have not gotten them listed yet, and since they are a fairly rare breed, we were concerned about waiting any longer to place the order. Our order consists of breeding pairs of 8 goslings: 2 female and 2 male Pilgrim geese, 1 female and 1 male Toulouse geese, and 1 female and 1 male American Buff geese. We are mostly interested in the Pilgrims, but since the minimum order for geese is 8 for mailing with this company, we decided to try the other breeds as well.

The pictures below were gathered from The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy website and are typical of the breeds we chose to order.


(The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy )


The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Just a quick mention as to why we are interested in the Pilgrim geese:

Pilgrims are a rare heritage breed and are auto sexing geese which means that you can tell males from females by their coloration from the time they are hatched throughout their lives. Adult males are mostly white while adult females are mostly grey. They are also described as a friendly breed of goose… at least during non-breeding season. 🙂

*Update: We decided to cancel the 2 Toulouse geese and order 2 additional female Pilgrim geese instead.

**Update: Our goslings did not come from that hatchery and I would highly advise not to order from them as they display questionable business practices.