Poultry For Sale

Spring and Summer 2014

A limited number of cream legbar and black copper Marans chicks and hatching eggs are now available. Unfortunately we can not ship at this time, but will be working on that for next year. We are conveniently located between Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton, Ohio. For customers within a 100 mile radius, meeting at a midway point for delivery is available upon request. An additional $4 per 20 miles (round-trip) will be added to the purchase price of the birds to cover gas expense. ADULT LAYING HENS and YOUNG ROOSTERS are now available and are listed below the chicks and hatching eggs. Pictures are available upon request and I will also try to upload some as time permits.

Chicks & Hatching Eggs

  • Crested Cream Legbar chicks  (Limited Availability – Hatched May 4 & 5, 2014)
  • Black Copper Marans chicks (unsexed) (Very Limited Availability – Hatched May 4 & 5,  2014)
  • Blue Copper Marans chicks (unsexed) (Coming Late Summer 2014)
  • Splash Copper Marans chicks (unsexed)(Coming Spring 2015)
  • An assortment of Blue and Black Marans’ hatching eggs* (Coming Late Summer 2014)
  • Black Copper Marans hatching eggs*  (Very Limited Availability)


  • Silver Appleyard/Saxony cross (Applesax) Coming Soon! Momma is a Saxony Duck and Daddy is a Silver Appleyard Drake. Such a lovely combination! 🙂


  • Pilgrim goslings (Coming Spring 2015)
  • Pilgrim hatching eggs* NONE FOR SPRING 2014

Guinea Keets

  • Pearl Gray keets: NONE FOR SPRING 2014
  • Pearl Gray hatching eggs*: NONE FOR SPRING 2014

*We can make no guarantee to egg fertility rates due to reasons beyond our control. However, we can guarantee that our hens are in flocks of appropriate size with an appropriate and proven fertile rooster, and that we handle each egg with care to ensure the highest possible fertility rates on our end.

Adult and Juvenile Chickens and Roosters Available Summer 2014

Laying Hens (currently laying) $15 each

  • 4 Gold Lace Wyandottes (hatched 4/13) 3 SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE
  • 1 Barnevelder (hatched 4/13)
  • 1 Commerical Black (hatched 4/13) SOLD
  • 1 Easter Egger (hatched 4/13) SOLD
  • 1 Buff Brahma BANTAM (hatched 4/13) SOLD
  • 1 Welsummer (hatched 6/13) SOLD
  • 1 Light Brahma (hatched 6/13)
  • 1 Rhodebar (hatched 7/13) SOLD

Young hens (14-16 weeks) $15 each

  • 1 Buff Orpington
  • 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte
  • 4 Welsummers 1 SOLD, 3 AVAILABLE

Young Roosters (nearing sexual maturity 14 and 16 weeks old) $10 each

  • 1 black copper Marans SOLD
  • 3 blue copper Marans SOLD
  • 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte – SOLD 
  • 1 Welsummer



The laying hens have all been sold. Thank you. Please check back in the spring.

Currently we have a few laying hens that are ready to lay. They are available for sale and include the following breeds:

  • SOLD: Gold Laced Wyandotte $15 each
  • SOLD: Light Brahma $15 each
  • SOLD: Welsummer $15 each
  • SOLD: Barnevelder Hen $15
  • SOLD: Blue Copper Marans $15

The roosters have all been sold. Thank You. Please check back in the spring.

SOLD: We have one rooster still available. He is a barnevelder and is about six months old now. He is very friendly and easy going. Please contact us if you are interested.

Roosters For Sale

  • SOLD: Barnevelder
  • SOLD: Birchen Cochin Bantam
  • SOLD: Partridge Cochin Bantam
  • SOLD: Lavender Orpington
  • SOLD: Blue Copper Marans

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