Home Sweet Home

Suburbanites for 40+ years, we decided to head for the country! Here is a picture of the farmhouse as it appeared the day we purchased it. It sits on 30 rolling acres in Clarksville, OH.

Dutch Colonial Farmhouse

Dutch Colonial Farmhouse

We invite you to come along and share our experience as we fix up the old farmhouse and out buildings, start a new vineyard and orchard, grow a kitchen and herb garden, raise and care for livestock, and generally learn a whole new lifestyle of self-reliance.

We count on the wisdom and experience of others who have walked this road before us as we research various methods of small-scale farming and homesteading. Our mentors include our parents, the OSU Extension, local farmers, e-farmers and handymen to name just a few.

This website is devoted to sharing this journey of discovery with others who long for a little country in their own lives. WELCOME!


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I found your website just this morning. How are things going? I would be happy to help in any way I can just let me know. How is your Mom? Love you! Elvalee

  2. Hi this is Linda, Connie Marshall friend. I just got the chance to read all your blog. I am now an official follower, I look forward to your postings. Im really glad you guys are really enjoying the farm.


    • Linda, welcome to our blog! We do really love the farm and enjoy the trial and error of learning a new way of life. 🙂

      We need to make dinner plans again very soon and hopefully Vicki can make it next time!

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