Keeping Warm on Cold Days

A few weeks ago we experienced below normal subzero temps here in Ohio. We moved the geese and the duck to a straw filled stall in the barn. They complained regularly about their temporary lodging, but sometimes they must do what they don’t want to do for their own sake.

On the windiest and coldest days the mule was also kept begrudgingly locked in the barn. And the chickens were happily stowed away in their coop.

As far as keeping everyone’s water free flowing, heated buckets and water bowls from Rural King and Tractor Supply Company proved very effective at -10 degrees. See our previous post “Tip: How to Keep Water Thawed in Winter”  for more information.


Welcome to Milly le Mule

Milly le Mule has finally arrived at our farm. (Yes, you must say it with a French accent! ;-)) She comes to us from Horsefeathers Farm just down the road.

Milly the Mule

Milly checking out her new stall.

Milly is just a little melancholy as she is settling in, getting use to her new surroundings, and missing her old family. We will keep you up dated on her transition.

Milly the Mule

We are expecting a new addition to the farm. Milly the Mule will be moving into our barn within the next few weeks. She will be coming from another farm here in town that is looking to down size. Milly is a sweet mule whose mother was a quarter horse and her father was a donkey. Pictured below with our granddaughter Natalie, she is standing there very patiently getting groomed. Natalie is five years old and is standing on a large bucket so she can reach her neck. Stay tuned for future adventures of Milly the Mule and her superhero friends Natalie and Sophia (Nat’s two year old baby sister). 🙂

Nat and Milly

Natalie grooming Milly