Barn Cleaning Weekend

We spent most of last weekend sprucing up the barn for the arrival of Milly the Mule. We gave her stall a thorough cleaning and installed her new water bucket. My favorite addition to the barn is the little seating area across from her stall where we can sit and chat with Milly over a cup of coffee.

Bringing a touch of home to the barn.

Making the barn homey for everybody.

Barn inside 1

While we were working in the barn, Mittens de’ Cute Barncat came down from the loft to take her afternoon siesta in the wall hay feeder. She’s adorable!

Barn cat sleeping in the wall hay feeder.

Mittens de’ Cute Barncat taking her afternoon siesta in the wall hay feeder.


The Cat Formerly Known As Night

When we bought the farm, we inherited a kitty named Night. She is a cute little barn cat who lives in our–wait for it–barn! 🙂

Mittens de' Cute Barncat 3

One day, the cat and I had a long discussion. She is a very good communicator even though she rarely speaks. As we talked, we discussed the fact that her life had recently changed quite drastically and she was ready for a fresh start.

Mr. Farmer is usually the one who feeds her since our arrival on the farm, and he refers to her solely as kitty. This got her to thinking that part of her new life might include a new name.

During our discussion, she asked me what I thought about the subject. I told her that I thought it was a fine thing to do as I reminded her that cats rarely come when they are called anyway.

She told me that she had narrowed her list of names down to three. The names were Myrtle Agnes de’ Barncat, Beulah Mabel de’ Barncat, and Mittens de’ Cute Barncat.

She was leaning heavily towards Myrtle and I was leaning equally so towards Beulah, so we settled on Mittens as a compromise. If you look at her pictures you can see that she in fact does sport some awesome mittens that she found tucked away in her wardrobe. 🙂

Mittens de' Cute Barncat 4

Mittens de' Cute Barncat

Mittens de' Cute Barncat 2

Mittens de' Cute Barncat 1