Rhodebar Chickens: Here on the Farm

Rhodebars are by far one of the most friendly breeds of chickens that we have had in our flock. We recently acquired a trio of rhodebars that were approximately eight weeks old. The farmer who sold them to us did not have much time to handle them as he had so many chickens. Even so, they will jump up on higher platforms just to say hello. The little roo allows me to pet him without any concern whats-so-ever and the two little pullets are nearly as brave and friendly. These guys are definitely a keeper in our flock and I can’t wait to add more! An additional benefit to this breed is that they are auto-sexing chickens. This means you can tell males from females at any age by their coloration. Light colored chicks are males and chicks that have a chipmunk pattern are females. Both Rhode Island reds and golden brussbars were used in creating the rhodebar breed.

The two pullets were named Ginger and Doris after Ginger Rogers and Doris Day. The young cockerel is named Rudy after Rudolph Valentino because he is such a sweet little love.


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