Monster Double Yolk Egg

Monster Egg 1A few days ago, we got our first monstrously huge egg from one of our golden laced Wyandottes (at least I think it was a Wyandotte). It turns out it was a double yolk. Our poor little chicken! Our chickens have just begun their laying career and it had to have been murder to pass such an egg for a newbie. The photos show this egg up against the typical size eggs we have been getting from our girls.

Monster egg 2Seeing this egg lined up in a row with other eggs kind of reminds us of when our son was born. I know that must sound funny but bear with me… You see our son was 10.5 lbs when he was born and all the other babies in the nursery were 7 pounders. Our precious newborn son was huge compared with to the other tiny babies. As very proud parents, there was no mistaking our little one for any other. If our hen could see this photo, I think she would feel the same way! 😉


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