Goodbyes Are Not Easy: Making Room in the Flock

This week we sold 7 of our laying hens and 1 rooster. They included 2 golden laced Wyandotte hens, 2 Welsummer hens, 2 blue copper Marans hens, 1 light brahma hen, and 1 blue copper Marans rooster. Some may not understand, but it is hard to say goodbye to all of those who have been loved and were part of our flock from the beginning.

Unfortunately, business decisions take precedence over sentimentality and we had to make room for the new comers. So it is with bittersweet tears that we say goodbye to old friends and say hello to new ones.

The new comers include 4 cream legbar pullets, 1 cream legbar cockerel, 2 rhodebar pullets, and 1 rhodebar cockerel. We are very excited to add these auto-sexing breeds to our breeding program and look forward to the arrival of their little ones in Spring 2014.


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