Operation Chicken Rescue, Undeniable Success!

Last week Momma Farmer left for a much needed rest at the beach with her sister, and Mr. Farmer was left to take care of the farm with the help of his grown son. The day before Momma was to come home, one of the chickens named Dot mysteriously disappeared! Mr. Farmer could not find her anywhere!

Momma Farmer arrived home on Sunday, and looked for Dot as well, but she was nowhere to be found. Day after day they looked and counted the flock but still one short.

On Wednesday morning, Momma Farmer was out tending the chickies when she saw Dot hiding under the hen house. Chickens under the hen house was nothing new, but this little one had a hurt leg which prevented her from navigating the usual way out. She had been stuck and unseen for a few days. Poor little thing!

As soon as possible, Momma Farmer cleared an easier path for her escape by raising the fence that blocked her way. Next she placed food near the fence to lure Dot out. Finally the limping little chicken crawled under the fence where Momma was able to pick her up and put her in the hen house. There she was safe to heal and had as much food, water, and comfortable straw as she could possibly want.

This was a very busy and rewarding Wednesday morning! Now off to buy some straw and cracked corn at the local feed mill. 🙂


After a few days of protecting Dot from the rest of the flock (in a cage on the floor of the hen house at night and locked in the hen house alone during the day) she was able to rest and heal her hurt leg. She is now 100% better and running with the rest of the pack!


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