Weeping Cherry Tree

We had a very pretty flowering weeping cherry tree at our previous home. Unfortunately, we could not allow it to grow naturally due to overhead wires and had to prune it substantially every year. Below is a picture taken this spring.

weeping cherry

Weeping cherry at our previous home all trimmed and blooming this spring.

I was at Home Depot about a week ago looking for shade trees for our front yard when I ran across a weeping subhirtella cherry (pendula Prunus subhirtella) marked 50% off. I loved our old tree so much that I knew I couldn’t pass it up. It is now planted in our new front yard. It should only be a few years before it fills out nicely. Our old tree grew like wild fire. Every year my husband would trim it up so he could mow around it more easily and every year it grew till it was almost touching the ground. I hope the new tree follows in its footsteps.

Weeping Cherry 1

Weeping Cherry Tree
Planted July 2013
6 ft tall

I plan on planting some perennials around the tree either this fall or next spring to add extra color and interest.

Weeping Cherry May 2016

Weeping Cherry May 2016

Here is a picture of the tag that came with the tree. It shows what it will hopefully look like one of these days.

Here is a picture of the tag that came with the tree. It shows what it will hopefully look like one of these days.


2 thoughts on “Weeping Cherry Tree

  1. Hi, wondering how your weeping cherry is doing. My husband and I bought 2 today at Home Depot for $17, couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been surfing the web to find as much info as I can before we plant them and saw your post. Seems like they might be sort of finicky. Hope yours is faring well!

    • The weeping cherry that I bought this year is doing very well. It is small but looks very healthy. The one at our other house is probably 10-15 years old and has always done very well too. I couldn’t be more happy with them. My husband would cut our old one back every year so he could mow under it and every year it would grow till it touched the ground. I guess you could say it grows like a weed once established. 🙂

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