Could Chickens Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Every morning we let our chickens out of their house and allow them to free range in the yard or side pasture, and every morning I find them fascinating to watch. I’ve heard of a few people giving up their television in favor of sitting on their porch and watching chickenvision instead. The longer we are chicken owners the more I understand that frame of mind. I am positive that watching chicken antics in the yard can help to promote lower blood pressure and dissipate sour moods. Here are some pics from the morning. I will try to add a short video at the end.

7:12:13 Free ranging in the backyard

7:12:13 Chickens favorite place to rest

Some of the flock hanging out under their favorite bush. Among those pictured are: gold laced Wyandotte, buff Brahma bantam, Welsummer roo, blue copper Marans roo, and a guinea.

This morning as I was sitting in my living room, I kept seeing a large shadow pass across my window. It was a couple of hawks flying around looking for a free meal. I went out side and found the entire flock huddled under the bush above. Many times, the guineas will sound an alarm and the flock comes running for shelter. The guineas are pretty good at spotting danger or harmless bunnies and letting everyone else know.

7:12:13 Free ranging in the backyard 2

7:12:13 Free ranging in the backyard 3

Some of the flock heard me come out the back door and came running to meet me. They know I am the lady with the food! Pictured all the way to right of the photo is a black cochin (I believe) but I am not sure yet if its a rooster or a hen. I’m leaning towards rooster, but hoping not.

7:12:13 Free ranging in the backyard 4

7:12:13 golden laced wyadottes and black copper marans coming to say hello

7:12:13 Golden laced Wyandotte saying hello

The golden laced Wyandottes are always happy to greet me!

7:12:13 Golden laced Wyandottes and Black Copper Marans

7:12:13 Great Pic of Roos

7:12:13 Great Pic of Roos and Guineas

Three of our roosters are pictured here. The black copper Marans is on the left front, the blue copper Marans is on the right, and the Welsummer is in the back of the photo. We are still weeding out our surplus males from buying straight runs. I think these are our keepers. Also shown is our guinea fowl.

7:12:13 Left, Black Copper Marans Roo, Right, Blue Copper Marans Roo


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