Hydrangea and Rose of Sharon Bed

The previous owner loved Rose of Sharon bushes. You can find them in many places as you mosey about the farm.

One lonely rather large Rose of Sharon stood in the front yard. I decided it needed a little company, so I brought 4 hydrangeas home to share its space. My nieces came from New Carlisle to help me take out the sod and plant 2 dark pink hydrangeas (Leuchtfeuer hydrangea) and 2 blue hydrangeas (Brestenburg hydrangea). After the mulching was done I added a cute bird feeder that my mother bought for me. Next spring, I will fill in with a few annuals.

My new hydrangea bed around an existing Rose of Sharon bush.

My new hydrangea bed around an existing Rose of Sharon bush.

Typically I would have the made the main focal point be best viewed from the street, however, the front yard sits up on a hill and passersby cannot see the yard very well. Instead I decided that the main focal point would face my office window. Now I can sit at my desk and look out and see beautiful flowers.

Hydrangeas, The View from My Office Window

The view from my office window.

Keep in mind that flowers and shrubs need room to grow. Plan ahead to ensure that they have enough room to spread and not over crowd one another. These are expected to be 4 ft tall and 4 ft wide. As they grow they should fill in rather nicely.

Update: My mother brought me a present Tuesday, September 24. It was four potted aster plants. I planted three of them around the Rose of Sharon and Hydrangeas and the fourth I planted in a pot that sits on our front stoop. Unfortunately the hydrangeas and Rose of Sharon are out of bloom at the moment but everything should look awesome next year! šŸ™‚

Hydrangea, Rose of Sharon, and Aster bed

Potted Aster


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