New Chickens in the Flock and a Departing Queen

The new white Ameraucana that we named Queen was not doing very well in our flock. Being an older pullet than the rest, she was bossy and alone. A wonderful friend of mine who went to the poultry show with us, traded her for five of her younger pullets. These pullets were bought at the same time that I bought mine and are roughly the same ages. These five are doing much better in our flock. They are hanging out mostly with each other but are mingling more than Queen did. The five included two golden laced Wyandottes (my favorite of the breeds so far), an Easter egger or Ameraucana (not sure yet), a buff Brahma bantie (beautiful bird), and a black copper Marans or black Ameraucana named Crusoe. As a side note: my friend name her Crusoe because she was the lone survivor of our Cream Legbar ordeal.

Liberty, Blondie, and Crusoe

Liberty, Blondie, and Crusoe


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