Chicken Coop Renovation: Stage 1

Note: This post is a little past due. The chicks have been in there new home for a little while now.

The chicks were quickly out growing their brooder box and needed to be moved to their permanent home. The only problem was that it was not ready for them. Stage 1 of our restoration project on the chicken barn is now complete. That included escape proofing it from the chicks and varmint proofing it from would-be predators.

There are two rooms in the old chicken/goat barn. One that is approximately 1/3 of the building (10X16) and another that is approximately 2/3. It was full of holes and wide open windows. Stage 1 of restoration focused on the smaller of the two rooms. We laid plywood on the floor, covered holes in the walls, covered the windows with 1/2 inch wire netting and screens, installed a new chicken door, made a new roost, hung the brooder light and fan, installed an old screen door reinforced with 1/2 inch wire netting, installed a wall hanging feeder for grit, hung a 30 lb poultry feeder, and set up a new 5 gallon galvanized waterer on top of a concrete stepping stone.

Coop in Progress-Roost

Coop and Roost in Progress

Coop-Roost Completed

Completed Roost in Place

Coop-New Coop Door

New Chicken Door: Not really crooked, just looks that way in pic. 🙂

Coop-Feeder and Grit Feeder

New poultry feeder with red bucket to keep chicks out of food
and at the bottom of the roost is the wall feeder with grit in it. We plan to get another for oyster shell when they are laying age.

Coop- Wire reenforced screen door

Screen door with reinforced wire mesh.

Coop- Waterer

Waterer up on one block. Three more blocks in reserve as the chicks grow taller. We hope this will keep their water cleaner.

Coop- Chicks not exactly loving new home yet

The chicks not exactly digging their new home, yet!

Tip: One thing I learned and will do differently next time is when transferring the chicks to their new home, do not take away their old box too quickly if at all possible. If the brooder is a portable cardboard box, place it in the chicken house with access in and out of it so they get used to their new space and feel safe at the same time. I pretty much shooed them out of the box and snatched it right away. I felt bad the rest of the day. They seemed to bounce back by day two, however, and are all over the chicken house now.

Stage 2 of the restoration will either include fixing up the exterior of the barn with foundation work and new siding or dividing the larger room into two for other poultry needs. Update to follow.


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