What’s in a Name?

Some may find the name of our farm kind of quirky, and that’s ok. We are kind of quirky people. Some may guess the meaning quickly and others may not catch the play on words. Here is the story of how it got its name…

Last Train Farm and Vineyard

Last Train Farm and Vineyard

We were looking for a new home, and after months of searching we found this one nestled in the little town of Clarksville, OH. Our previous home was only 30 minutes away but we had never heard of it before and certainly no clue where it was. We met our realtor at the farm and walked through the house and a little bit of the land. The house had historic charm and the land was rolling bordered by a large creek and woods. The house had a lot of potential though it needed some repair and the outbuildings were in need of care as well.

We went home and discussed the property. Dreaming of what we could do with a farm. One of those original dreams was to start a vineyard. Just walk down the wine isle at the grocery store and you will see hundreds, if not thousands, of different labels on the shelves. Those that jump-out to me are the ones with catchy names. There are some really good ones; take a look! While we talked about having a vineyard and the fact that we had never heard of Clarksville, OH; the song “Last Train to Clarksville” by the Monkees played in our heads. And Voilà! Last Train Vineyard was conceived!

After we bought the farm and had a real chance to survey the work it needed, we decided to call it Last Train Farm and Vineyard. The main reason for this was the fact that we would not be able to start our vineyard until Spring 2014. The soil needs amending in preparation for a new vineyard and that is best done in the fall. Since our closing was around Christmas 2012, that gives us the opportunity to work on other more pressing matters for our first year here on the farm.

In the future, don’t be surprised if you see a Last Train Vineyard wine jump right off the grocery store shelf and follow you home! 🙂 It’s quirky that way!

Click here for a cute video of the song that inspired our farm. You gotta love Micky Dolenz and the Monkees!


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