Chickens: To Name or Not to Name

There is a debate over naming chickens. Some love to name them and some refuse to name them. Does naming a chicken make it harder to send it to the stock pot? I have to say that I personally don’t think so, and I have chosen to name my girls. 🙂 For me it is easier to differentiate them with a name when talking about them instead of just saying “the biggest Wyandotte with the light face and more brown on her wing…” Phew! I do try to remind them (the chicks) and myself on a daily basis however, what their purpose is on our farm. We (the chicks and I) understand and they seem happy with the pampering and care they get. It is my mission to make their lives happy and good for their faithful service.

Ok, so back to the naming thing. The mystery chick is Lola. The four gold lace Wyandottes are Sadie, Millie, Liza, and Flo. The banties are Blackie, Spot (the beautiful but rotten bantie), Scout, and Penny. The others have tentative names for now until I figure out if they are hens or roos. I’ll update them soon. As for now, I think I have two black copper Marans roos and possibly a Welsummer roo too. My aim is to have only one black copper Marans roo and one lavender Orpington roo. The other roos will have to go to new homes or end up in the stock pot. Until then, they will have a nice and comfy chicken life on our farm. Oh! The carefree life of a chicken! 🙂


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