Pasty Butt Cure

Pasty butt is a condition where a young chick accumulates sticky poo around its vent. If left untreated, pasty butt will keep the chick from having a bowel movement and it will die a very painful death. Many times pasty butt is associated with stress, such as being transported to a new home. It is important for the first week or so to look the chicks over to make sure they are not suffering from this. If they are, there is an easy solution.

We have found that the easiest way to get rid of pasty butt is to dip the chick’s rear in warm water. While its bottom is in the water, GENTLY rub the crusty mess with your finger until it is gone. Take the chick out of the water and watch it for a moment and make sure that it has a bowel movement as they usually do right away. Place the chick back under the heat lamp to warm it and let it dry. Repeat this one to two times a day until it no longer suffers from the condition.

Below is a picture of one of our chicks getting its pasty butt bath.

Baby Chick with Pasty Butt


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