Our Orchard

We began our orchard with the purchase of eight fruit trees in April 2013. This first set of trees consisted of a honey crisp apple tree, a Jonathan apple tree, a Burbank plum tree, a Santa Rosa plum tree, a Bartlett pear tree, a moonglow pear tree, a hale haven peach tree, and a red skin peach tree. We plan ongoing expansion as we grow the farm from the ground up.

We hope that within a few short years we will be harvesting an ever increasing crop of fruit (apples, pears, peaches, plums, etc) to take to the farmer’s market, to give to friends and family, and to can and freeze for our own personal use.

Some varieties above were lost to deer and weather but others have done quite well. As of May 9, 2015 we now have the following trees in the orchard:

7 Plum Trees: 4 Santa Rosa Plum, 3 Methley Plum

5 Apple Trees: 2 Red Delicious Apple, 2 Yellow Delicious Apple, 1 Gala Apple

3 Peach Trees: 1 Elberta Peach, 1 Red Skin Peach, 1 Belle of Georgia

2 Cherry Trees: 1 Cherry Sweet Sherry, 1 Cherry Sweetheart Sweet

6 Pear Trees: 1 Keifer Pear, 1 Ayers Pear, 1 Moonglow Pear, 3 Bartlet Pear


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