Fields for Rent

Since we just purchased the farm in December 2012, and since there is so much repair and preparation to do we have decided to rent our crop fields to the farmer who has rented it from the previous owners for the last few years while we tend to other farm chores. He will be planting soy beans as soon as the ground dries up. At the end of the season we plan to plant part of the fields in pasture. Our goal is to use intensive rotational grazing practices to raise meat sheep, meat goats, and geese on the existing pasture and the new pasture. Some of the plants we are considering for our pasture are orchard grass, clover, chicory, alfalfa, Timothy grass, fescue, etc. We will post our pasture mixture when we sow it in the fields in the fall.

Update* Picture of the planted Soybean field.

Soybean Fields

Soybean Fields


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